Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Prescription Coupons

Frequently check for new prescription coupons for your different name brand medications.  Sometimes programs that existed in the previous year will be renewed or even increased in value.  For example last year Lipitor had a card that would take $10-$15 off the cost of the copay for the medication, while this year you can sign up for a new card on their website which decreases your copay by $50.  The main reason they did this was because the generic version will be coming out and they want people to stay on Lipitor brand name as long as possible, because even though the copays for you could be the same because of the discount card, your insurance company and the pharmacy are paying quite a pretty penny for the full cost of the medication.

Just another reminder to always be vigilant about those discounts and coupons!

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  1. Thanks for tip buddy! I am sending htis to my wife.