Tuesday, September 14, 2010

At Pharmacy

Ok, after all the other steps now it is time to finally go to the pharmacy.  At this stage depending on your medication/time available/transit options you will want to shop around, especially for expensive medications.  Also good to double check for the giftcards the different stores offer for brining in new prescriptions.

1) Shop Around: It is good at this stage to shop around, make sure you have all your cards and coupons on everything done and ready.  You'll want to bring your different discount cards to make sure the pharmacy takes them and which gets you the lowest price, as well as what programs they have there.
2) Staff: Be smart about shopping around, what you're doing will create extra work for the staff and might piss them off, especially if they're not good with insurances and coupons and such.  Come at a time later in the day when the pharmacy is slow, not only will you be helped faster but the staff is more likely to be more thorough in helping you.  Try to go at the same time each week or find someone on staff you usually deal with, personal connection means they'll know what you're looking for more.  TIP, if they've done a good job and saved you the money, give them a dollar or two, don't be a cheapass.  This will gain you further points and make them more likely to help you in the future.
3) Talk with the Pharmacist: Ask them if there are cheaper medications in the same class of drugs, along with any ideas they might have to save money on your medications.  Sometimes the pharmacist or even pharmacy techs will know something or remember something your doctor doesn't.  It is worth your time and also more reason to go when the pharmacy is slow and they will give more time to you.
4) Coupons: Yet again, drug reps also visit and mail the pharmacy coupons and drug discount cards that are specific to each rep's medications.  Alot of pharmacy do not pay attention to these at all and some will toss them away or file them somewhere, but again it doesn't hurt to ask the question.

In upcoming posts we being to enter the hardmode, where things take more effort constantly on your part and requiring you to be smart and remember the other steps.
Also if you ever have any questions just comment and I'll answer them.


  1. showing some love!
    keep up the good work

  2. Thanks for tips my wife is a good coupon clipper

  3. i always do the first thing wrong