Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Doc ...more

Oops forgot about this part earlier today in dealing when you're at the doc
5) 90 day supply: If you can get the doctor to give you a 90 day supply with refills that's the best for keeping your options open when it come to where to take the prescription or use mailorder.  Also generally with prescriptions the more pills/tablets/quantity you're able to get at 1 time the lower the cost per pill/tablet turns out to be.  This will be explained even more in the pharmacy section


  1. like buying in bulk at sam'a/costco/ect?

  2. @Alaskan
    Yes the concept works the same, the more you get the more you save.
    In addition to that quite a few pharmacy chains have their own plans you can pay like $10 once a year and save on certain generics and get the 90 day supply for from $4-$10, which is good because most insurance copays are about $5 - $10 and only for 1 month at a time