Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prescription Discount Cards

Now this is where some uninsured or un-informed people start to run into some trouble and don't get their full money worth.
There are many prescription discount cards advertised online, however most cards will give different discounts depending on medications and pharmacy. Before you go to your pharmacy keep these ones in mind, if you can print them out ahead of time.
1) AAA: If you are a member of AAA they offer a modest prescription discount, usually not the best compared with others but fairly basic.
2) Universal Rx: Discount processor that quite a few online discount cards work through you can print out one from Rx101 .  Also not usually the best, occasionally better than other discounts.
These next three are generally the best I've found for most medications.
3) National Association of Counties: If your county participates in your program you can easily use this SITE to locate and find to print it out.
4) Una Rx Card: Frequently one of the best cards to use giving the best discounts. Can be gotten from this SITE.
5) Smart Rx Card: I currently have paper copies of this one and will be updating as soon as I find a place online for people to print them out. UPDATE: Make your own card using this SITE

One of the great thing about alot of these discount cards is alot of them can be combined with coupons if you lack insurance.  Always keep that in mind.

IMPORTANT:  Even if you have insurance, if you followed the other steps and your doctor gave you a 90 day supply and it's a generic, sometimes it will be cheaper to use the discount card or the program the drug store offers instead of paying your $5 or $10 co-pay for only 1 month worth of medication.  Frequently I have seen generic 90 day supplies go for under $10 using these discount programs.

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